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30th Jan. 2010

And then it takes less than half a year to make the next one. Again some guitar, this time with some bass too.

Lo-key 1

31th Aug. 2009

Made a new track within a year. Phew. Angry, dystopic, realmusik. And some good old fashioned guitar for good measures:

Anger Road Trip

5th Oct. 2008

Been a long time with silence, but a new workstation seems to do the trick. Three new tracks:

  1. At Last
  2. Steps Through Gift

Real sounds and some guitar.

19th Oct. 2007

New collab with Barnadine on the Collaboration page.

18th Apr. 2007

Playing a concert in Stoke-on-Trent on April 27th. Looking forward to that one... Oh - a new piece added to the Music page.

20th Mar. 2007

Added some older tracks on the Music page as well.

20th Mar. 2007

Site's been really quiet for quite a while. Now there's finally a new track on the Music page.

29th Oct. 2006

An old track is featured on the latest and excellent EMCradio compilation (the track is called plastic - ironically).

5th Jun. 2006

A new collaboration with my favorite Aussi singer, Barnadine! Very proud of this one.

31th Mar. 2006

Cleaned out some old tracks - more room for new (and two new ones got uploaded today).

12th Mar. 2006

A new virtual album for your pleasure: Traffic. Enjoy

1th Feb. 2006

Reviewed (in Danish)! My track on the Melodica-compilation (see below) was reviewed in outstanding Danish online-mag Geiger. I'm a featured artist and everything. Go figure...

10th Jan. 2006

Not a biggie. But from now on new tracks from me will get some comments along the way. And happy new year!

23th Nov. 2005

I've contributed a track to the CD-R compilation "Blow your own Melodica" from the excellent label BSBTA.

3th Nov. 2005

Redesigned the redesign. Now it works without javascript. And back-button and bookmarking works. Ah, the wonders of css. I've probably introduced other anomalies. Please let me know of any problems.

30th Oct. 2005

Completely redesigned the site. More me. That is: bland, boring, black&white. I like it!

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